A little about Oliver Peoples

We are so excited to have finally got this high-end brand into our store for all our lovely patients old and new. Some of you know about Oliver Peoples, some of you don’t, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to give you some brand awareness.

Born on the iconic Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, Hollywood culture is paramount throughout the designs and aesthetics of the brand as a whole. Elements of fashion, film music and the lifestyle of California is gorgeously combined together to create the unique DNA that lies in the very core of Oliver Peoples.

In the late 1980’s a collection of vintage American-made eyewear was purchased by the founders of the brand. Whilst sifting through the collection and drawing inspiration for their first collection they found a receipt signed with the name Oliver Peoples and they honoured this stranger by naming the collection after him.

The founders found solace and inspiration in the vintage aesthetic and it was a far cry from the brazen collections that were in stores in the 80’s and that is what made them so attractive.

The brand have never strayed from their first love of vintage, intellectual design and this is why they have become so iconic. A style that never fades or ages yet still remains completely relevant for today’s fashion. All frames are handcrafted with the finest materials available and knowing that someone has lovingly crafted your frame is something special.

The tiny, unique details found in the craftsmanship of the frame is what’s exciting. I haven’t found another brand which uses the breath test to check for authenticity. When the Oliver Peoples rep came in and told me to breathe onto the lens of the sunglasses, I was fully blown away to see the logo of the brand appear on the lens and little details like that make the brand. Finding tiny feather stamping on the tips or the beautiful filigree scoring along the arms of the frame down to the genuine, unique pins and plaques that hold all the pieces together – you will marvel at the subtle creativity that differs with every style within the collection.

The brand pride themselves on only selecting suitable stockists. For us to be able to have them in store we were approached by a representative after hearing about our outstanding reputation. We then had a meeting and selected which frames we would like to have then the rep had to present a case to the L.A. Head office to see if we would be accepted and luckily, all our hard work of being the best in town has finally paid off.

This is why Oliver Peoples are now so popular with celebrities and influentials. You can see them adorning the faces of some of the most coveted actors such as Robert Downey Jr to Jamie Dornan. They even get a mention during the ‘itemizing high end apparel’ monologue in American Psycho by Patrick Bateman, whose character can only have the best of the best. Even former President of United States of America Barack Obama has been rocking the OP’s

Now, you lovely people of Penarth and beyond can join the very elite club of being an Oliver Peoples wearer.  We can talk you through them and find the perfect ones to suit you and your style.  Wear them with pride and with attitude.

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