Myopia Management

Myopia is short-sightedness, which means the eye is unable to see objects in the distance clearly. The incidence of myopia is increasing with lifestyle changes, with children spending more time doing near work activities and less spent outdoors.

If there is family history of myopia, a child is more likely to develop it. Unfortunately, the younger a child is when they develop it, the more likely their eyesight is to deteriorate with time. This means that as the prescription gets progressively stronger, it creates a heavy reliance of spectacles or contact lenses.

Not only that, but increased myopia also means an increased risk of eye complications in the future, such as retinal detachments, cataracts, Age-Related Macular Degeneration and glaucoma.

There are now available specialist spectacle lenses and contact lenses which can reduce the rate of myopia progression by up to 60%. The vision is corrected to optimum levels and the technology works to reduce myopia progression and preserve future vision and eye health.

MiYOSMART Spectacle Lenses

These spectacle lenses are an innovation in myopia management.

The spectacle lenses are worn full time and look and act like normal spectacles. However, they contain a very clever addition of tiny segments in the lens periphery called DIMS. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) The central portion of the spectacle lens contains a clear zone and the periphery of the lens contains the DIMS. These tiny segments are invisible and the wearer is unaware of their presence, so they can still see perfectly, but the myopia management is having an effect.

MiYOSMART lenses also have the benefit of being impact resistant, thin and light and have UV protection and an easy to keep clean MAR coating.

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MiSight Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

MiSight1-Day contact lenses are child friendly daily disposable contact lenses proven to slow down the progression of short-sightedness.

They have a special optical design, which can help slow down the rate of myopic progression. MiSight 1-Day contact lenses correct the myopia, enabling patients to enjoy clear, spectacle free vision, whilst the contact lens design helps to slow down the elongation on the developing eye through its design.

The contact lenses have a central clear zone and contain peripheral treatment rings. These peripheral rings create a myopic defocus effect, which has been shown to reduce eye elongation and slow down myopia progression.

The contact lenses are very comfortable to wear and are disposable, making them fuss-free and are suitable for wearing in patients age 8 years or over. Contact us directly if you wish to discuss this further.

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